Personal/Educational Leave

Veritas will consider requests for leaves of absence (LOA) to employees requiring time away from work for non-medical reasons. Leaves of absence may be granted at the discretion of management and with the appropriate approvals, including Human Resources.

A personal and educational leave is time off without pay in excess of two weeks. A personal leave may be granted for a maximum of four months and an educational leave up to a maximum of two years.Personal/Educational Leave is an unpaid leave.


Full and part-time regular employees are entitled to consideration for personal leaves after completing a minimum of one year of service.

PTO/NTO on Personal Leave

Personal/Educational leave is unpaid. If you wish to receive pay during your leave:

Covered under Paid Time Off (PTO)
You may use your accrued PTO balance to receive pay during your Personal/Educational leave. If you do not have enough PTO, the remainder of leave will be unpaid.

Covered under Non-accrued Time Off (NTO)
If you are covered under NTO, you may use your the remainder of your Annual Allotted Days (AADs). If you have exhausted your 15 AAD within a rolling 12 month period, the remainder of leave will be unpaid.


Requests for personal leaves must be approved by your manager prior to commencement of the leave.

If, during personal leave, you begin working with another company, become an independent contractor, or use the time in a manner which results in a conflict of interest with Veritas' business, your leave is canceled and you will be considered to have voluntarily terminated employment with Veritas.

Notify Human Resources of your intent to return to work at least two weeks prior to the expiration of your leave. If you fail to notify Human Resources, or fail to provide the required certification to extend a leave, you may be considered voluntarily terminated.

Veritas will make every effort to reinstate you in the same or similar position upon your requested return to work from the leave. However, Veritas does not guarantee that a position will be available. If a position is not available, you will be terminated.

It is Veritas' intent to comply with all federal and state leave laws.

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