Leaves of Absence

Veritas recognizes that employees may need time away from work due to various events in their lives.  To meet those needs, Veritas offers the following leaves of absence:

Maternity Leave
Veritas offers a combination of short-term disability (STD), and unpaid family medical leave during your maternity leave. Generally it is common for 8-10 weeks of leave to be covered under Veritas' disability policy for pregnancy. This timeframe may be longer if you have complicated a pregnancy and if you have a medical need for additional time off.

Parental Leave
Veritas offers up to two weeks Paid Parental Leave with 100% pay to its employees who are fathers or domestic partners of a newborn, as well as parents of a newly adopted or newly placed foster child.

Short Term Disability
Veritas' Short Term Disability (STD) plan is offered to all eligible employees and is defined as any medical Leave of Absence (including pregnancies, non-work-related injuries, and illnesses) in excess of five consecutive business days, not to exceed 180 days. Under this program, your income is replaced at 100% for Week 2 through 8 and 75% for Week 9 through 26. If the disability exceeds 26 weeks or 180 days, you may become eligible for Long Term Disability (LTD).

Long Term Disability
Once Short Term Disability (STD) has been exhausted, you may be approved for Long Term Disability (LTD) income replacement at 60% of your monthly target earnings (OTE) up to $20,000 per month. [[[[[[don't they need to make a decision for LTD???]]]]]]]]]]]]]

Personal/Educational Leave
Veritas will consider requests for leaves of absence to employees requiring time away from work for non-medical reasons. Leaves of absence may be granted at the discretion of management.
A personal and educational leave is time off without pay in excess of two weeks. A personal leave may be granted for a maximum of four months and an educational leave up to a maximum of two years.

Other Types of Leaves

Veritas also offers Family Medical Leave, state-specific leave/disability benefits, Jury/Witness Duty Leave, Military Leav,e and Bereavement Leave.  Veritas complies with applicable state and local laws with regard to leave for school visitation, family members of service members, victims of violence, witness duty and any other state-mandated leaves. Where allowed, these leaves will run concurrently with other leave entitlements provided under state and local law and with any paid time that the employee takes.


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