Resiliency Platform and Microsoft Azure

Single click disaster recovery and migration with Azure.

Integrated, predictable cloud resiliency to and from Microsoft Azure 

Direct integration of Resiliency Platform with Microsoft Azure lets you confidently expand from on-premises to the public cloud with a resiliency plan that scales easily and cost-effectively as you innovate, while ensuring your application environments don’t get fragmented

  • Easily adopt Azure with a resiliency strategy that scales from on-premises to cloud
  • Use a single solution across your on-premises environments and the cloud to avoid environmental fragmentation
  • Failover for disaster recovery or migrate applications permanently per business needs

Seamlessly migrate between on-premises and Azure

Easily move tiered workloads to and from Azure

  • Seamlessly move complex workloads between on-premises and Azure with a single click
  • Migrate workloads including IO intensive applications faster with direct integration into Azure Managed Disk
  • Stay flexible with the option to failback services to on-premises as needed

Recover faster to Azure

Ensure quick, predictable recovery every time

  • Recover critical workloads or your entire site to Azure with a single click or use controlled recovery options
  • Orchestrate seamless recoveries for tiered workloads quickly with direct integration into Managed Disk
  • Ensure predictable and proactive recovery readiness with fully automated, non-disruptive recovery testing

Gain unified multi-cloud resiliency that includes Azure

Adopt multi-clouds with a fragmentation-free resiliency strategy

  • Easily adopt Azure with a resiliency strategy that cost-effectively scales from on-premises to cloud
  • Use a single solution across on-premises and multi-clouds to avoid environment fragmentation, increase visibility and lower downtime risk
  • Get real-time and historical service level objective monitoring and reporting across your multi-cloud environment

Use single-click migration to and from Azure

Seamlessly migrate your applications between on-premises and the Azure cloud

Don’t let your business applications be tied down to just one location. Make sure you’re able to move applications and data simply, per your business and budgetary needs, anywhere you want—to the cloud, back to an on-premises, or even to another cloud.

  • Move even complex tiered workloads between on-premises and Azure with a single click
  • Migrate faster to Azure via direct integration with Azure Managed Disk
  • Failback services from Azure to on-premises or another cloud as needed

Get simple, single-click recovery

Recover seamlessly in the event of a disaster

Don’t get bogged down by manual procedures and extensive scripts. Instead, get automated recovery procedures for your critical workloads to the Azure cloud.

  • Use fully automated, single-click recovery procedures
  • Recover complex workloads quickly, including IO-intensive applications
  • Easily failback services from cloud to on-premises

Practice non-disruptive recovery rehearsals

Rest assured with automated, non-disruptive recovery testing

Stop performing exhaustive disaster recovery testing over the weekend. With Resiliency Platform plus Azure, you’ll get non-disruptive testing for critical business applications along with automated clean up.

  • Ensure business preparedness with a proactive approach
  • Test workload recovery and site failovers with a single click
  • Eliminate all-hands-on-deck weekend testing and test anytime you need to
  • Prove compliance to internal and external stakeholders via automated reporting

Get real-time visibility into business health

Gain holistic visibility from a single pane of glass

Don’t let your business decisions suffer from fragmented visibility into your IT health posture. Get round-the-clock visibility and reporting of your IT health across on-premises and Azure from a single pane of glass.

  • Check the status of business workloads across on-premises and Azure via a single web-based dashboard
  • Gain visibility into how business applications are meeting defined Service
  • Level Objectives such as RTOs and RPOs
    View what’s important for your business with configurable home screen widgets

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