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The new Oracle Intelligent Policy with NetBackup 7.6

Created: 11 Dec 2013 • Updated: 11 Dec 2013 | 13 comments
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This video demostrates the new functionality introduces in NetBackup 7.6 which allows easier management of Oracle backups.

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Thank you for sharing this video!

Senior System Expert

Microsoft Exchange Server

Symantec Enterprise Vault

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Thank you.

System Support Specialist / Turkey

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thank you for the video.

As I have not read the manual yet, How do you run a log backup with instances?
I did not see a log backup option at the video screens.

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The redo log backup can be configured in 2 steps :

[1] In the 'Oracle' tab in the policy window, you can put a check on "Include archive redo backups in full and incremental schedule"

[2] Create a schedule of the type "Archived Redo Log Backup".

Attached are the screeshots for better understanding.

Hope this helps.

Cheers !!

- Manoj

Archive_log_backup_1.jpg archive_log_backup_2.jpg

Manoj Hirway

Sr. Software Engineer, NetBackup.

Symantec Software Pvt Ltd.

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Thanks a lot for sharin the video

How would you configure the Oracl RAC backup?

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Thank you very much.

What about old oracle polices that using RMAN scripts for backup  .Is this intelligent policy replacing old Oracle policies so I need to modify the old oracle policies when upgrade nbu7.5 to 7.6?Is this means that f for Oracle backup now only push agent and then configure the intelegant Oracle policies?

Thanks again

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Good to see such a useful feature and it works a treat.

Do you know if the latest version can handle oracle instances in a cluster and the cluster nodes are themselves media servers such that each instance is always backed up by the media server it runs upon?

The instances are running  on zones upon the physical nodes.

Example: physical nodes are PA and PB and these are media servers. We have ZA and ZB: zones running on PA and PB respectively. My oracle instance can run on ZA or ZB and so if ts running on ZA I wish it to select media server PA, similarly if on ZB then use media server PB. This way I never need to worry about which side of the cluster my Db are on: the fastest meda server - the local one - will always be selected.


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such a good video.its helepfull.

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Hi Manoj,

Kindly confirm if we need to do ora link on oracle server and also if the oracle databases are on linux or solaris server int that case also we can use this feature. 

Pls confirm

thank you



Thanks & Regards,

Priyeranjan K

Support Services Engineer

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I have 2 questions:

- Where netback master store the script files of defined policy

- Is there any document provide solution to create specific OS, Oracle authentication users for dedicated usage instead of using oracle and sys. 

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very informative video

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I would like to know how can I browse the backup images when using new oracle intelligent policy...???

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I have 2 questions

I want to restore an oracle instance of a customer that I ais dejas save with the interface of 7.6 natbackup under windwos and I want the stages of restouration can someone help me
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