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Created: 18 Feb 2011 • Updated: 23 Feb 2011 | 6 comments
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Symantec single video player.

This NetBackup demo video shows how to use the nbdeployutil tool for creating the excel file on capacity licensing report.

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hi jitin

could provide download link for same.. as the link shown in video is not accesbile by us.



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The nbdeployutil is designed for use with NetBackup version 6.5.x and greater and version 7.x and greater. I know that the tool that we’ve provided in the past was cumbersome to install as well as took a long time to run. This tool runs in a lot less time (mins as opposed to hours) and takes up less system resources.

The nbdeployutil command is a utility that gathers and analyzes deployment information from the master server. The command is run in two steps. Data is gathered in the first and analyzed in the second.

The utility generates a log file named nbdeployutil-gather-timestamp.log during the gathering operation. The utility generates a log file named nbdeployutil-report-timestamp.log during the analysis and the report generating operation. By default the log files are created in the directory where the gathered data resides.
To read more:
Video on how it works and how to run:

Where to download it:

Brett Hartmann - Federal Account Engineer - DC Metro

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Just wondering is there a "utility" or script that gathers and analyzes deployment information from logs generated by connections from Master Server to Media Server in Netbackup 7.1

This may aid me in finding solutions for status code

1: (40) network connection broken

Thanks in advance for any adivse.

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google it

Any comment will be appreciated. Mark as Solution if your query is resolved
Thanks in Advance
Zahid Haseeb

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Nice Job Jitin!!!

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Nice Job Jitin .

@ Tonypace - please do some extensive search on google.  For example copy & paste " (40) network connection broken"  you'll surely find solution among the results.  Thanks

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