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Flexible Storage Sharing: DAS Cluster Demo

Created: 16 Dec 2013 • Updated: 19 Dec 2013
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Flexible Storage Sharing (FSS) is a new feature for Symantec Cluster File System 6.1.  FSS unlocks internal storage utilization by providing high availability for internal or DAS storage and the applications running on those servers. FSS will provide internal storage resiliency by creating several copies across the servers. Internal storage will be exposed to the other members of the cluster, providing resiliency for that internal storage.

By using Symantec Cluster Server, we tight data and application availability together, taking care of both the storage and application resiliency. Using FSS, data will be always available to the server nodes without the need of using a Storage Area Network.

This demo shows an Oracle instance running on top of high available environment using internal storage and FSS. To proof how this architecture react to failures, the server where Oracle is running will be powered off, demoing the Fast Failover capability for Symantec Cluster Server and how the failure is transparent to the volumes and file systems that remain active in the other cluster node.