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Demo: Adding Compute Nodes with Flexible Storage Sharing

Created: 06 Dec 2013 • Updated: 08 Dec 2013
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In this video we will discuss the three storage architectures available within Flexible Storage Sharing:

  • Hybrid models
  • Local storage
  • Compute nodes

We will then go deeper into the last mode to demonstrate a cluster configuration using four FusionIO cards on a single node. We will see how both nodes will have access to the striped volume generated using those cards, how Cluster File System will present a volume to each node in the cluster, and how that volume will be accessible from all the nodes, no matter where the storage is located.

Cluster File System 6.1 introduces RDMA over Infiniband/Ethernet support. In this demo, the two nodes are connected using Infiniband.  The combined performance of these high speed inter-connects with the FusionIO cards will provide a high performance no matter if the volumes are accessed local or remotely.