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Mumbai Storage & Clustering User Group

Public Group | Founded: 14 Sep 2010 | Serving 26 members

Welcome to the Mumbai Storage & Clustering User Group website!

If you live in Mumbai and use any Symantec Storage or Clustering products, we invite you to join our User Group! To become an official member, click the "Request Membership" button (you must log into Connect first).

Why join our User Group and attend our meetings?

  • Learn and share best practices
  • Network with your peers
  • Find answers to challenges
  • Receive latest information on Symantec products
  • Earn Connect Points and redeem for prizes!
  • Enjoy free food!

Advisory Board:

  • Director: Position Available
  • Marketing Director: Position Available
  • Membership Director: Position Available
  • Administration Director: Position Available
  • Webmaster: Position Available

If you have any questions, please contact User Group Program Manager

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idea comment 05 Nov 2014
New blog entry 11 Jun 2014
Easy IMF plugin to make a VCS agent IMF-enabled ================================================ 1) Stop the VCS cluster    # hastop -all Note: The steps here are meant for education purposes only and hence shutdown VCS. You can perform ...