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SharePoint - Backup and Archiving

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Join this group to share your SharePoint backup and archiving experiences, learn from your peers, and converse with experts. SharePoint is quickly becoming a dominate application in all organizations across all verticals – it’s important to have an open forum to discuss, share, and learn from others who ARE and who HAVE BEEN in your shoes.  Backup and archiving considerations should always be a part of your planning process to ensure storage isn’t wasted, policies are being met, and you actually have a decent work/life balance.

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New discussion 05 Oct 2010
Who all is attending the upcoming SharePoint Connections conference in Vegas, Nov 1-4th?  If you're going to be there, make sure you stop by the Symantec booth to see a product demo and speak to product experts.  We also have a vendor ...
New video 09 Sep 2010
The most common archiving policy is based on date. In SharePoint this is either the Creation or Modified Date. This video demonstrates how to create a date based archiving policy and the seamless nature of Enterprise Vault for SharePoint shortcuts.
New video 09 Sep 2010
The ability to manage SharePoint versionsare very useful in capturing all content changes  to a given document.  The downside is that each change is stored as a separate copy which leads to rapid storage growth in SharePoint. This ...
New video 09 Sep 2010
The following video will show you have Enterprise Vault 8 SP3 for SharePoint can be configured to allow end-users to specify which files they wish to archive.
New download 10 Aug 2010
SharePoint Analyzer is a tool that will examine SharePoint 2007 and 2010 content databases and report information on: - Age of documents - File extensions - Site summary - Versioning Please keep in mind that these tools are not supported by ...