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SharePoint - Backup and Archiving

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Join this group to share your SharePoint backup and archiving experiences, learn from your peers, and converse with experts. SharePoint is quickly becoming a dominate application in all organizations across all verticals – it’s important to have an open forum to discuss, share, and learn from others who ARE and who HAVE BEEN in your shoes.  Backup and archiving considerations should always be a part of your planning process to ensure storage isn’t wasted, policies are being met, and you actually have a decent work/life balance.

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New discussion 10 Feb 2012
Hi All For now we have Stencils available for EV, NetBackup (appliances) Requesting to provide stencils for other products too Backup Exec family Storage Foundation with HA Mail Security etc
discussion comment 01 Dec 2011
New blog entry 12 Oct 2011
If you have not seen the movie “Super Size Me,” you have most likely heard  of it.  The film is a documentary where the lead eats 3 meals a day at the golden arches for one month and super sizes each meal.  As a result, he ...
New discussion 28 Sep 2011
I wonder why there is no GRT functionality in Lotus? Any idea.....
New idea 15 Sep 2011
Those who work on NetBackup PureDisk and NetBackup MSDP / PureDisk  will see difference in terms of policy creation and it's behaviour. With PureDisk defining exclusion are pretty easier comparitively with NBU it's difficult to even ...