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SharePoint - Backup and Archiving

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Join this group to share your SharePoint backup and archiving experiences, learn from your peers, and converse with experts. SharePoint is quickly becoming a dominate application in all organizations across all verticals – it’s important to have an open forum to discuss, share, and learn from others who ARE and who HAVE BEEN in your shoes.  Backup and archiving considerations should always be a part of your planning process to ensure storage isn’t wasted, policies are being met, and you actually have a decent work/life balance.

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New blog entry 14 Jun 2013
Hey Guys, Recently I came across a case where the one of our customer was facing an issue on restore of SharePoint List that contained custom columns. Before After I tried reproducing it in house but I could not, then I asked for output of ...
New download 07 Feb 2013
This is a very handy tool to find out detailed SharePoint Configuration and troubleshoot the issue related to configuration and backup. This tool would tell us what services are running on what servers in the SharePoint Farm and which of the servers is ...
New blog entry 23 Jan 2013
Application aware Virtual Machine (VM) backup is a new feature that has been added in Netbackup 7.5. It lets the user protect the applications installed inside the VM by a doing a single VM backup. This is s a tremendous feature considering the pace at ...