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Enterprise Vault Customer Exchange

Public Group | Founded: 21 Jul 2010 | Serving 45 members

Join our group to meet and interact with each other and with Symantec employees.This forum is open to all interested EV customers/users. Currently, this group would like membership to include Enterprise Vault customers as opposed to partners and consultants.

Learn about each others’ existing environment and discuss topics relating to Implementation, Issues encountered (identification, resolution & work-arounds), Best practices, Email Supervision-Compliance, E-Discovery and End user (adoption, acceptance, & training).  Seek advice and discuss upcoming plans with respect to: Upgrade and Installation, Configuration, Deployment, Best practices, E-Discovery, Planning and End user (adoption, acceptance, & training). Get involved in discussions that allow you to influence product direction by providing feedback and input to the product team via: Our discussions about our environment, use cases and the issues we are encountering and Involvement in discussions and user research during early stages of development for new features and product improvement efforts.

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New idea 28 Feb 2012
After a search in Compliance Accelerator has completed and the user has accessed the Review Set of the items, the forwarding of these items is unrestricted. Would it be possible to restrict both the 'view original' and the ...
New discussion 29 Dec 2011
Hi all referenced to below i 'm also stuck in designing DR of EV with lotus at primary site we have 1 physical EV server for lotus mail 1 for lotus journal archiving and 1 for ev sql our ...
discussion comment 12 Nov 2011