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Verify jobs in a template are running on the MMS rather than the CAS where the data is located.

Created: 11 Jan 2012
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Me Too!I have the same issue
Product(s): Backup Exec - 2010, Backup Exec
Severity: Minor functionality
Status: Will not fix
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When creating a scheduled verify template on a policy the jobs are not being associated with the storage device of the parent backup or duplicate job. After the job is created the Backup Exec console will display the verify job associated with "Any disk storage", or a incorrect specific device.  In a Backup Exec Private Cloud or CASO environment where MMS (Managed Media servers) are performing backups to deduple folders and then Opdupe or Duplicaticating  the data to the CAS (Central Admin Server) the verify templates to verify the MMS backup runs on the CAS server.

Example:  A policy is created on the CAS server that includes a Backup template to Backup data to MMS Deduplication folder.  A Duplicate template is created to duplicate the MMS dedupe data to CASO dedupe folder (Opdupe).  A scheduled Verify Template is setup to Verify the MMS data and another verify template to verify the Opdupe or CAS data.

In the above configuration the Scheduled Verify template to verify the MMS servers original backup run from the CAS server which is undesired


Delete all the jobs created by the policy by right clicking on the policy and "Delete Jobs Created by Policy".

Open the policy and edit the Verify templates and set schedule to "Run only according to rules of this template" and apply to the templates and policy clicking OK to submit the policy changes.

Right click on the policy and create the job by selecting "New Jobs using policy"  and pick the appropriate selection list.

Open the policy and change the Verify templates to "Run According to Schedule and run according to rules for this template" to define the desired schedule.  Apply the changes. 

In the job monitor the policy jobs should adjust themselves to run on the correct server by viewing the Device Name column in the Job setup and Job monitor tab.