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VOM - smart alerting system

Created: 20 Mar 2012 • Updated: 23 Mar 2012 | 1 comment
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Currently i dont see VOM doing any alert consolidation and reporting based on events. like when a system lost a path due to some hardware failure it reports every disk lost one path rather one single alert which should say 'host' got one failed path.

And also when we had fabric failure all the hosts and its each disk thrown alerts which was in thousands.rather i would have preferred to get single alert on frabric.

And this can expand to any events which got parent event and child events. VOM doesnt manage alerts well.

Please contact me if any questions.

Thanks and regards

Santhosh padiyath

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You're right that VOM does not consolidate alerts, however there is a functionality that will help you understand the source of the problem. In any fault you may click on the magnifying glass to analyze the fault and understand the root cause of the problem.

If you are integrating VOM with a ticket management system via SNMP, we are working on improving this functionality by sending a trap to clear the fault once the problem is resolved in VOM. In this manner you will not end up with hundreds of faults in your ticket system after the root cause of the problem is solved. This is expected to come in one of our future releases.

At this point, VOM is not discovering the fabric and would not be able to identify the switch as the root of the problem. We are currently working on fabric discovery to help on this and many other data center challenges. This functionality is expected to come next year.

Stay tuned for announcements of product releases and add-ons updates. If you're VOM management server is connected to the web and ‘automatic download ’ is enabled, you will receive alerts in the VOM console about updates.

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