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Volume mirrors creation by enclosure functionnality

Created: 04 Nov 2013
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In one of our situation, we are using storage functionnalities to create volume mirrors accross two (2) different storage unit located at different site to ensure service continuity in the event of a disaster at one of the site. In the past, we had been using the create mirror volumes across enclosures functionnality in order to reduce risk of human errors and to ensure mirrored volumes was composed of 1 LUNs from each site.

We are now migrating our storage to EMC VPLEX storage and Symantec Storage Foundation for Windows doesn't create specific storage enclosures for this type of storage unit. Even tough we present LUNs coming from more than one VPLEX, all the LUNs reside under the default DISK@<HOSTNAME> container. By this behavior, we are not able to create mirrored volumes across disk enclosurse so we have to do it 1 by 1 which is time consuming and add a level of humain mistakes to the process.

We are currently using Storage Foundation 5.1 SP1 & SP2.

As a feature enhancement, we would like to have an automatic feature that provide us a way to create mirror accross different container or storage unit. This feature must automatically detect differences (Storage unit) between LUNs and could be available in version 6.x