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VMware backup on Netbackup

Created: 28 Sep 2011 • Updated: 02 Oct 2013 | 2 comments
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As per the current situation if we want to perform a full VM backup then all the drives along with the system informtaion will get backup . So we can recover the complete VMDK files in any point in time . 

But in some cases there is no need of taking backup's for all the drives. If we want to exclude that drives are take a backup then its not possible in full VM backup we need to go for a drive level backup . Again there is a challenge in this we can't abel to recover the VM where there is an OS corruption. 

So it would be better if we can give options for excluding drives/ paths in the Full VM backup itself.

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The NetBackup policy for VMware includes a setting which allows exclusion of system drives, or exclusion of data drives.

Also, deduplication and the use of change-block-tracking also limit the amount of data transfer and shorten the backup window.

Coming in NetBackup 7.6 is "Accelerator for VMware" which is incrementals-forever of VMs.

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I agree with this idea. The ability to selectively exclude, just like an OS exclude_list, files or directories from a VM backup. We have several large VMs that have application data or databases that are backed up in other ways that we would not want as a part of the full VM backup. This increases backup times, recovery times, storage needs, and FETB licensing for clients. The exclusion of "data drives" does not offer enough granularity to be effective.

Accelerator is great for Backups and Instant Recovery is great for Operational Recovery, but if I need to recover a VM guest from tape in a disaster scenario this is cumbersome. Consider this scenario: I have a Linux guest running a 1TB database with a 50GB OS. I back up the database using RMAN, but also want to back up the OS. For me to perform a VM guest recovery I need to have 1TB + 50GB available in the ESX datastore and the recovery will take 20 times longer than it needs to. I will then have to delete 1TB of data from the recovered guest before I can even start the RMAN recovery.

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