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Virtual Vault: Add Maximum Amount Of Items to Upload

Created: 05 Dec 2013
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At the moment with vault cache and virtual vault you have two triggers within the client
1. Number of items to trigger a synchronization (so after user drags/drops 100 items it will start uploading right away as opposed to waiting for a sync)
2. Size of items to trigger a synchronization (so after 15MB has been dragged and dropped, it starts uploading etc)

What would be nice is if you could cap the amount of items awaiting to upload
So that you can say have a maximum of 1000 items, and if you try and drag/drop more it tells you it has to wait for the other items to be archived before adding more.

We regularly encounter situations where users have thousands upon thousands of items awaiting to upload, the MDC files become absolutely massive.
As items are uploading they're dragging and dropping more stuff in and eventually the MDC just corrupts and the vault cache needs to be repaired or reset

Would be really nice to cap the amount they can drag and drop so we're not faced with 15GB MDC files failing to sync