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VCS mount agent cannot handle veritas checkpoint filesystem

Created: 11 Feb 2014 • Updated: 16 May 2014 | 3 comments
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we use  checkpoint filesystem on dev systems to save disk space usage. and the system is under VCS control.

even though you can "mount -F vxfs -o rw,ckpt=$ckpt $block_device:$ckpt $mount_point"

it is not possible to configured it in VCS somehow. the resources would fail to start.

it would be great to fix this.

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There is already the option to mount all fileysystems by using ckptautomnt in the MountOpt attribute and the CkptUmount attribute ensures they are umounted if this is set to 1, which is the default.

Is this not sufficient - do want to mount one checkpoint and not others?


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Thanks Mike for answering this and it was a pleasure to finally meet you at Vision.

IdaWong, does Mikes answer work for you?



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here is the solution that worked at the end for my case:

in VCS: set the VCS resource for the filesystem owning the checkpoint with:

hares -modify $filesystem_resource MountOpt "ckptautomnt=rw"

Mike is right about the auto mount but it would mount the checkpoint as readonly.

in addition, There is no where in the documentation of VCS or storage foundation which told me that the automounted checkpoints resides in $mountpoint_of_filesystem_owning_the_checkPoint/.checkpoint/$check_point_name

and these automounted checkpoint filesystems does not show up at all in /etc/mnttab. ( this is not a good thing, this deviates from normal expected filesystems behaviour)

However, if the checkpoint filesystems were mounted manually, they would show up in /etc/mnttab.

In my opionion, this feature of checkpoint filesystem is poorly documentated, not a lot of thought has gone in to incorporate it into VCS either. I suggest Symantec paid a bit more attention to it.

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