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Update to TECH47364 - How to recreate shortcut content without restoring an archived email with Enterprise Vault (EV) for Exchange.

Created: 13 Mar 2012 • Updated: 03 Apr 2012 | 1 comment
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Status: Implemented

I recently had occasion to implement the recommendations in

TECH47364 - How to recreate shortcut content without restoring an archived email with Enterprise Vault (EV) for Exchange.

Primarily because we had to change the EV Site Alias to accommodate the creation of SSL certificates to implement SSL communication with EV.

We were aware that this would affect the url embedded in existing shortcuts, and that we would have to use this procedure, fortunately on only two mailboxes with around 50,000 shortcuts each

The process in the Technote was implemented as described and the Archive Task running manually in report mode began processing the shortcuts.

The technote provides no indication as to how to check if it is working, nor to monitor progress, nor to determine when it is finished, nor to disable it once completed.

We monitored progress by opening a mailbox in Outlook, adding Message class, & Modified Date to the Columns, then sorting by Message class to see the shortcuts, and then watching the modified date change in real time.

We left the task running over a weekend, and then assuming it was finished, deleted the Registry entry.

A week later we discovered that deleting the registry entry does not seem to stop the update process, ours had continued to run updating all shortcuts concerned approx every 24 hours.

This resulted in outlook almost continuously running Synchronization, copying the continually changing shortcuts to local Outlook cache. (approx 1Gb per user)

Once we had figured out what was happening we restarted the Archiving Tasks, to kill the update process.

Our final check was to use the Advanced find in Outlook to find all exchange items, where Message Class contains "shortcut". then to add the Modified Date column to the display, sort by modified date, and verify that all shortcuts had been modified in the expected time period of the shortcut update process.

Some Stats from our experience.

Our setup processed 2 mailboxes with approx 50,000 shortcuts each in about 24hours or approx 100,000 shortcuts total per day.

Recommend updates to the Technote

I would like to recommend that the technote be updated to include guidance on how check that the process is running, to determine if it has completed, and to terminate it properly when it has completed.

Also to add a warning that users will experience abnormally long synchronisation times in their outlook following this process, and that this may impact Outlook performance, depending on the number of shortcuts they have in their mailboxes.

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The article TECH47364 has been updated with many of the suggestions posted here. Thank you for taking the time to provide this feedback; hopefully it makes the process easier to follow for the next person.

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