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Update NetBackup media /drive density types

Created: 22 Aug 2013 | 2 comments
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Although any media /drive density type can be used agaisnt any media type the current offerings of densities are now very out of date, and not consistent.

For example, we have 4mm and DLT types available, but all x6 LTO drives have to be covered with just x3 hcart densities.

Although any density can be used against any drive, it would be neater if the hcart type could at the very least match the LTO drive type.

hcart - LTO

hcart4 - LTO4 

etc ...

Even better would be to have density types actually matching the supported drive types (as we do with 4mm and DLT).

Even better than that would be to introduce colours for densities - geen tape / green drive etc .. - this removes the mis-understanding that density types actually affect speed and capacity.

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Having it a free form field that would allow for backup software to keep pace with technology without major pain or upgrades would be a good thing.

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Official Symantec support response to my case was "use LTO" string for LTO-4.But what in case of complicated environment with more than 3 generations of LTO?

What is even worse NBU ignores technology compatibility. You cannot use LTO-4 drive with LTO-5 tape and s.o. Simple "configurable rule" would solve it.

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