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Update metadata or add custom metadata to data already loaded

Created: 17 Jul 2013 • Updated: 29 Apr 2014 | 2 comments
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Status: On Roadmap

When loading production data from other parties, typically in native/image plus loadfile format, it is useful to be able to update the metadata after they have been loaded.  For example, if metadata was provided incorrectly and a new correct loadfile is then provided to update the fields after the first load.  Also, if we have loaded scanned hardcopy material (in searchable PDF) sometimes the review begins on those and metadata may be manually coded afterwards (for example, invoice number, invoice date, etc).  It would be useful to add this custom metadata to the 'attribute' field after the data has been loaded.  I have been informed this is not currently available, can you please consider this for future releases?

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This could be useful but the problem is that the metadata should be reindexed indexed so would the customer be willing to pay for indexing the documents again?

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Kunishige asks if the customer will pay for reindexing.  That misses the point, I think.  If the first load was incomplete or incomplete, the only choice is rework.  That rework will either be a) flush and reload the entire case, recreating anything you've tagged in the meantime, b) keep all sorts of offline records to supplement the new data that we can't load into Clearwell or c) reindex.  The potential cost of reindexing is minor compared to the costs of the alternatives.

There may be a few instances where reindexing is not appropriate.  (They will be offset by users who have brought the service in-house and can reindex essentially for free.)  The case administrator can make that decision as circumstances demand.

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