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True suspend of NetBackup processing.

Created: 09 Oct 2009 • Updated: 25 May 2011 | 8 comments
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In v4.5 in the admin GUI we could set max tries to zero - to suspend NetBackup scheduling.
In v5.x setting to zero via the GUI was deprecated, but the command line could still be used.

In v6.5 this feature was removed.  This makes administering NetBackup arduous.  If we're performing any work on the NetBackup master, or SAN or storage (tape/VTL/disk) or performing a site HA/DR failover test - then we now have to de-activate all SLP policies and then also all backup policies - before taking NetBackup down - just so that nothing starts when NetBackup comes back up.  But this doesn't stop our server admins runnign restores or stop any user mode backups from being attempted.  And it doesn't stop image cleanup from kicking in.

The nbpemreq -suspend_scheduling is not honoured across stop and restart of the NetBackup application on the master server, so this can't be used either.

We would really like to see a admin "tab" on the master server, and command line equivalents, that allow admins to effectively at least disable all internal and external and scheduled processing but allow still allow administratrors to run whatever they want to or need to.

Perhaps something that disables all "automatic" processing of:
    Disable all jobs (yes/no)
    If yes, then following options are greyed out, but if yes then the following become visible:
    Disable scheduled backups (yes/no)
    Disable user mode backups (yes/no)
    Disable restores (yes/no)
    Disable SLP processing (yes/no)
    Disable imports (yes/no)
    Disable vault (yes/no)
    Disable duplications (yes/no)
    Disable image cleanup (yes/no)

But that still allows administrators to enable their "test" backup policies and manually start backups/restores/anything from the GUI as they see fit, before once again allowing (i.e. re-enabling in our new admin GUI tab described above) normal automatic processing/scheduling/features.

In summary, we desperately need a way to suspend/control NetBackup processing whilst we perform environment checks/tests before we release production backups.

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I agree there needs to be something like this that is persistent across NBU starts.  The bpconfig command would be the ideal place to have this and another parameter could be added to that command to configure it.

Something like:

bpconfig -persistent_suspend on

bpconfig -persistent_suspend off

Remember.....Google is your friend!

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there is an undocumented command:

nbpemreq -suspend_scheduling
nbpemreq -resume_scheduling

Note - you can not kick off manual backups during this suspension.  Symantec will say you can, but in our experience it doesnt work.

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Does going to: Media & Device Management -> Devices -> Media Servers, Select All, Right-Click, Deactivate not do what you want?

As far as I was aware this would stop new /queued jobs of all the types you mention from running, and also persists across re-starts.

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Does it matter if you are using  6.5.3?  we have tried the "nbpemreq -suspend_scheduling"  and tried to kick off a manual without any luck.  Were told it might be abug in 6.5.3 and 6.5.4 may fix it.

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When you say "disable SLP processing", do you only mean duplication part as what nbstlutil does today?

I would actually like the ability to easily disable an entire SLP destination, not only the duplication part.

Example, I recently needed to do maintenance on an MSP and wanted to disable jobs going to that STU only, while allowing other jobs to run. So a "disable feature" on STU level?

I know I could change concurrent jobs to "0" but that would effectively mean I need to pull current config, change STU(s) to 0 and then later change back.

This should only affect data "coming in" to the STU, so maintenance like expiration etc could still be performed.

Did you restore something today?

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keep this post alive....I like this!!

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Is there a way to keep processing SLP duplications while the scheduler is suspended? I'd love to continue processing my backlog of images while other backup operations are suspended...

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This is something we really need!

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