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Store EVSVR results in the database

Created: 28 Nov 2013
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It would be really nice if the EVSVR results could be stored in the Directory database and have an ASPX page be able to output the results.
Some of the EVSVR outputs can be painful to parse through and having SQL Queries and views could make things a lot easier for reporting

That way as well you can track easier what is going on with EVSVR at that moment, as opposed to waiting for that particular step to be complete before it dumps everything out in to the text file.

Also it could help to finally being able to implement actions based on what the report mode says
i.e. if i run a report mode that takes 2 weeks to run to tell me i'm missing all this stuff, let me run a repair based off of the report.
Don't let me have to run in EV in backup mode for 2 weeks to repair what it already knows about etc