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Storage alerts need to be smarter

Created: 24 Apr 2014
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I just put the following text into a comment on another idea:

"Alerts are useless because I get spammed with alerts from individual members of a storage pool when jobs targeting the pool are running." 

This is certainly true.   I get tons of useless storage alerts. 

The purpose of a storage pool is to treat several storage resources as a single resource.  If one member fills up, a job automatically starts writing to a different member.   In fact, there wouldn't be much point to having a storage pool if some of the members didn't fill up. 

As individual members fill up you get warnings and errors that don't mean anything, because the backup jobs will go on to write onto the next member.   As backup sets expire, they often go back across the threshold and you get even more silly useless alerts.

And yet I'd like to be noitified if I am in actual danger of running out of storage.   So thresholds and alerts about the pool as a whole would be welcome.  BE is already using predictive logic for the storage devices, perhaps it should also do it for storage pools.