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SORT not clear on when VRTSaslapm is updated

Created: 27 Mar 2012 • Updated: 11 Sep 2013 | 1 comment
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One of our customers is dealing with an issue with an ASL/APM update.  The version of VRTSaslapm ( installed with SF 5.1SP1 does not support the Hitachi VSP array; this support came with VRTSaslapm  Since the SF 5.1SP1 install this customer has installed: RP1P1HF3. 

The following is from our customer:

How would we go about expressing our desire to have the now bundled ASL updated along with the other patches.. It made sense when we had to find and download the ASL that we would have to keep it up to date. With 5.1, they bundled it into the release making it "appear" to be a supported/maintained part of the release which normal patching should have updated. It appears that only SP's update the ASL, and none of the other patching alphabet soup touches it. The ASL page ( should at the very least be clearer that "While this package is bundled with VXVM, is it not maintained, you must download and update it separately from the other patches…"

I suspect I am not alone in making the mistake of thinking that since the ASL package was now bundled that it would be patched along with RP's, and other patches…

Can SORT be updated to inform customers that upgrading the VRTSaslapm is a manual process and they need to check for update periodically? 

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Good idea Martin.  I'll add this suggestion to the list of items we'll consider for the next SORT release.

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