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Shutdown PST Migrator thread under certain circumstances

Created: 11 Jul 2013 • Updated: 06 Aug 2013 | 3 comments
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From a centralized server, you log on as your Admin Account and create a new Outlook profile
The outlook profile is for a user you are helping troubleshoot any kind of mailbox or EV related issue
The user has been enabled for Client Side PST Migration.

When the EV Client starts up, it then scans for PST files on that machine, and it ends up picking up on PST files that it should never have access to
At that point the client starts migrating these PST files that don't belong to the user at all.

Suggested Fix:
Have the PST Migrator thread shutdown if the current windows user does not match the owning user of the mailbox
i.e. if i'm logged on as MYDOMAIN\EVAdmin and I log on to MYDOMAIN\UserA's mailbox, it should see that although I have full control over the mailbox, I am not the mailbox owner, and therefor it won't attempt to do any Client Side PST Migrations.

It should only attempt PST Migrations when the current windows user is the mailbox owner, so its not getting PST files that do not belong to them.

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Wouldn't that cause a problem for cross domain/cross forest situations?

I like the idea in some ways - but you can also do this with appropriate bits and bobs of registry settings (to disable PST Import on your centralised server)

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Honestly it's a don't know don't care situation, when you have thousands of servers which may or may not get the client install you won't throw random reg keys out there

And plus the same can happen if the admins decide to do it on their own machine and not a server so you may not want to
Shut it down etc

As for cross domain, well that's easy enough, check if it's a linked mailbox, if not then shut it down and you could make it a desktop policy option too if you so wanted

But honestly, running as UserA and performing UserB's client side migration and ending up with UserC's psts in your mailbox is just not smart

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Thanks for the suggestion. So if we ignore any potential solutions for the meantime the actual requirement is to have the client-driven PST migration capability disabled when Outlook is being used by an adminstrative account - correct?

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