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Seamless integration of EV with Multiple Exch2010 Servers configured in a brick array.

Created: 11 Oct 2012
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Deploying EV in Exch Brick Environments


Exchange 2010 is configured with the "Brick" approach

where all Exchange servers are CAS, MBX, & HUB servers

All configured identically and thus interchangeable

Frontended by an external Load Balancer

All servers are CAS servers and a CAS array is configured with a single name which is aliased to the the load balancer.

Exch Databases & their backup copy(s) are distributed across all servers.

Each Exch Database is configured with the CAS Array name.

AutoDiscovery is enabled to simplify Outlook user configuration and migration of existing users.



Single EV Mail Archiving server

Multiple Archiving Tasks, one per Exch server



In a multiserver Exchange 2010 solution configured with a BRICK approach, and all servers being CAS servers in a CAS Array, and MBX servers EV 9 mbx archiving tasks fail to start.

EV configured according to the following

Enterprise Vault 9.0

Archiving from

Exchange Server 2010

Dan Strydom

Technical Field Enablement

November 2010

EV902 Installation guide

EV902 Archiving from Exchange Guide




According to EV Support, EV REQUIRES that the MBX Archiving Task connects to the CAS SERVER NAME, it will not work with a CAS ARRAY NAME.

In Exchange Each Database is configured with the name of the CAS Server or ARRAY which services it.

In an exchange 2010 environment with multiple CAS servers in an array, a single CAS ARRAY NAME, is configured on all the Exch databases.

Creating the Profiles on the EV server, the Exchange server name will be automatically changed to the CAS Array name by Autosdiscovery, thus a profile cannot be made referring to the CAS SERVERNAME, and thus the EV Arch Tasks cannot connect to the CAS SERVERNAMES, and will therefore fail.

The recommended workaround (TECH169970) is to create a host file entry on the EV server, mapping the CAS Array Name to a specific CAS Server IP. This works but only for ONE server (you cannot map one name to multiple IPs in a host file) Thus one Archiving task will run, the others still fail



Change the designated CAS servers on the Exchange dbs from the CAS Array Name to the CAS Server Names

On the EV Server:-

Remove any host file redirection of CAS Array names

Delete and re-create the EVSA & System Account profiles

Test profiles with Outlook - OK

Restart MBX Archiving Tasks - All Run OK

Check Tasks show the correct active Exchange Databases - OK

Tested running of tasks, failover of DBs, provisioning, and confirmed that DBs move to the appropriate task - OK.



To solve this issue without compromising the provision of a CAS Array to support the users, will require the EV System Accounts to be created in separate databases, with their CAS Server set to the CAS SERVERNAME, not the CAS Array.

This approach was tested on a 4 server Exchange Farm in a production environment and worked fine.



Maybe I have misinterpreted something here but from this experience the EV recommended approach just will not work with multiple Exchange servers.

I suggest that the integration of EV into Exchange environments such as this be re-investigated, and possibly the approach of the separate databases be used as the standard mechinsm for configuring EV Archiving Tasks.