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SDR Modification: Some folder and file exclusion(s), Restore to another Hardware, boot cd now USB

Created: 11 Jan 2013 | 3 comments
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SDR is great! No doubt about it.  However, here is a situation in which SDR is bad in my opinion.  I have an altiris server that on my d drive it contains 500GB of images for computers in our school district.  These images get populated to other schools  So we have a duplication of 500GB 50 times equaling 2500GB! If i run this SDR with how it is designed now, thats 51 times of 500GB of images.  I want my flexabilty to select the folders that i DO NOT want to backup for I have a backup of this data elsewhere.  Same holds true for an exchange server with 10 iscsi connections.  Plus, if i backup the exchange mailboxes I have that already.  Should I chose to select the iscsi drives thats my selection.  If the OS goes south and does not to return,  I am screwed. Now I have to rebuild the Exchange 2010 server all over again.  So the enhancement is ALLOW the user to select what they want to not include in the backup yet still be applicable for SDR.

I do not know if SDR does this but can you restore a backup to a different piece of hardware?  If not, than that would be another enhancement to the product.

Also make the iso(SDR) process bootable from a USB drive. Completely do away with CD's.  That's in the past.

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If I am not mistaken, you can de-select your D: drive from your backup without turning off SDR.  You only need to select the entire C: drive, including the system state.

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I am running 2012

"you can de-select your D: drive from your backup without turning off SDR."

This dont work for me ..

SDR indicator only works when root is selected which selects eveerything, if i then select a folder on the d: drive, the SDR option is turned off..

This is crazy .. i can understand the c: windows drive , but anything else should NOT disable the SDR function

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