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Scheduling Interval Based On Week

Created: 04 Jan 2012
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We have run into a scenario where it would be useful to have a week interval option in addition to the day interval in scheduling. Such as every other week or every third week and so on beginning from a specific date. As it is now the only option to facilitate this (given that not every month has the same number of weeks) is to set specific days or create a policy template for every day of the week using the day interval. The specific day option exposes a flaw in Backup Exec where you can not schedule specific days in a policy beyond a certain number. If you try to create a policy and then select specific days for say the next three months the template will disapear shortly after saving and the jobs will not run. You can not select specific days beyond the 45 day period or the template will not take.

I have worked on this issue extensively in the past with Symantec and support said this would be addressed in the next major release but that was when we were running 12.5 and we have updated to 2010 R3 and the problem still exists. Therefore, an option to select an interval based on weeks and not just days would be extremely useful in my organization. The work around is to create a policy based on the day interval for every day of the week you wish to run the backup in perpetuity. For example; say you want to run backups on one device Monday thru Friday and then wish to switch to a different device for the same days but the following week and you wish to keep this rotation for the year.