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PureDisk really can fly, just let it go ;-)

Created: 30 Aug 2012 | 1 comment
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It's nice to store your data backups on 80% of its size having a full backup everyday all year long.

It's great to backup 1TB of data over 2 Mbit/s line.

But... one gets wild when:

- 6.6.3 simply forgot to clean itself of expired images,

- 16TB/32TB limit is still in power, we can survive with 192TB total, but it would be much cooler with 64TB per node,

- while restoring, the directory browser is so tiny that you have to scan it like satelites that go round Earth,

- one is flodded with hundredts of alerts caused by a single issue,

- WAN drop makes the job well un-done,

- there is nothing that can report if your data is protected (was it backed-up? was it replicated?),

- replication reverification causes a total standstill as it cannot be launched individually.

Idea for a cool appliance:

- Two strong host machines for a VM cluster,

- 1 VM per all in one node,

- MBE/DB on internal fast, dedicated storage,

- CRs on external dedicated storage: 1 array per CR,

- extension: just buy another disk enclosure for another VM :-)

Enjoy writing the 6.6.5 ;-) 7.0.0 perhaps....


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"Kingdom for" failed jobs' auto-restart: Running job failed... Time window is still open, retry then!

Possibility of SQL and Exchange backups being exported to tape is also a cool, missing, thing.

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