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PST Locator on EMC Celerra NAS

Created: 22 Jul 2009 • Updated: 24 May 2011 | 6 comments
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Status: On Roadmap

At present, the PST Locator task cannot work on shares that are part of an EMC Celerra NAS solution, due to the way the PST Locator figures out which drives to scan. The Celerra has no Remote Registry, which the PST Locator Task needs for Windows shares, except if it's a NetApp NAS.

The request is to make EMC Celerra's work in the same way a NetApp currently works: Tick the "This device is an EMC Celerra" box, after which the shares on the EMC Celerra can be scanned by the PST Locator task as wel

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If you have a bigger project with data on Celerra, you could use our PST Flightdeck Tool, which is able to scan celerras:


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We also have several customers who are facing this problem.
They are not really happy about using a third party tool...
EMC is not a small company, therefore I can not really understand, why their hardware is not supported.
It has to be manageable to make this work on celerra, too.

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Is this still unsupported? Or are they any workarounds to get it to work?

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Is this still a Work Arround, we are facing a big PST migration of data all located on EMC Celerra devices...

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The ability to migrate PST files from any available network share location, regardless of the PST locator, is something we are looking at as part of a number of PST migration enhancements.

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Hi chaps - apologies for picking up this old track, but I would need to know if this has been fixed in the meantime please.

Many thanks for your advice and help.



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