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Programmatically check Enterprise Vault SQL database fragmentation and report it in the VAC within System Status or create a maintenance plan which can do that.

Created: 25 Jun 2012 | 4 comments
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Problem: Enterprise Vault does not report on SQL database fragmentation or perform automatic database defragmentation.


1) Programmatically check Enterprise Vault SQL database fragmentation and report it in within the VAC in System Status

2) It would be nice if Enterprise Vault could automatically defragment the EV databases if they are fragmented and are impacting performance or prompt the administrator to set it up.

3) A maintenance job can be automatically created if required and the admin can be given the choice to opt in or out from creating it during configuration or from the VAC. 

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i'm a fan of alerts and automation. in this case i wouldn't want to automatically defrag the databases but sure i'd like to know if they weren't in an optimal state.

both the monitoring webapp and the status in the VAC are only half-solutions because you don't know if anything is wrong unless you manually login to check. enhancements to these are always welcome imho.

Andy Becker | Authorized Consultant | Trace3 | Veritas National Partner |

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There are quite a lot of customers who I have worked with who do not have a SQL expert, they do things themseleves and something like this will be quite helpfull. Probably a step in the right direction.

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I agree - having the reports handy in system status will reduce lot of efforts & make troubleshooting easier.

We use SQL powershell scripts to generate the fragmentation reports and take appropiate action.

Custom scripts can be written to generate HTML report which will highlight the Yellow/Red regions accordingly.

Thank You


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