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Product Enhancement for netbackup

Created: 16 May 2013
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I have been working with support for over a month over an issue of getting my catalog and vault SLP jobs prioritization over other jobs like duplications. It has been suggsted that we dedicated a one tape library drive decated just to those POLICIES/SLP/JOBS. We have a 2 drive tape library and sometime we have duplications that run into the daytime hours. This is a rare ocasion and to dedicate one of our tape drive just for 2 jobs does not make sensese and would only slow dow our duplication processes and basically put that one tape drive into overdrive trying to keep up with all of the duplications.

we have a simple setup of back to local storage and duplicate to tape immediatley to get tape off site as quickly as possible.

I would like to see job prioritaziation take a front seat in developement. The fact that you can plce priorities on jobs and then the product does not respct those priorities is a shortcomming that should be resovled with due diligence. I have made presrcibed changes per support to my lifecycle_parameters file and time changes on policies to mitigate this issue but would like to see a product enhancement that would make the resource broker work as described. That it would allow the tape library to finish any job currently in progress but would allow any job like catalog or vault with higher job priroty to intervene and unlod a tape no mater what maybe in queue to and allow those jobs to run as requested or prioritized.

thanks for you time and hopefully I will see a product enhance in the future.