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Presentation of the Unprocessed Documents Report

Created: 18 Nov 2013
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Please present the Unprocessed Documents report (and possibly the other exception reports) in the Jobs window at the end of the processing job.

Background:  Last week, I ran into a known bug where messages go missing from a load of data in an .NSF file.  Once the problem was identified, the documents were successfully processed in a second pass.  The challenge is in recognizing the problem in the first place.  We only noticed the error because we were looking for something else about the data and saw in passing that the count of messages loaded did not match our prior count of messages in the data set.  The "Unprocessed Documents" report (found via Processing > Exceptions > Unprocessed Documents > Processing errors) showed all the missing messages but we had to affirmatively look for that report.

A much better presentation would be to display that report as a downloadable .CSV in the Jobs window at the conclusion of the processing job.  Other jobs present a similar "completed with errors" status.  The Unprocessed Documents report should follow the same approach, please.