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Physical to Virtual recovery

Created: 29 Jul 2013 | 1 comment
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Currently In IT most of the companies are migrating from Physical to Virtual. Some of the cases Companies are centralizing Data centers to single Data centers or centralizing to Data center. Currently with Netbackup we can take a Physical machine backup and even VM backup.

For example some of the companies are spending lot of money in Data center migration on below activities

  • Converting physical to Virtual where Data stores are located on storage.
  • Storage is moved to other Data center.
  • Data is replicated to different storage box or storage box is set up for new VM at destination Datacenter.

 With Netbackup since we can easily replicate Data to other Destination Data center, is there any way where can convert the physical server to VM or recover the Physical server to VM server.

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Using Netbackup's Bare Metal Recovery(BMR) dissimilar system restore feature, client can seamlessly perform following conversions

  1. Physical To Virtual(P2V),
  2. V2P and
  3. V2V(VM on type of virutalization environment to another)

Requirement to perform this is, one should have  Client backup taken using BMR enabled policy and OS Volumes are selected as part of BACKUP_SELECTION.

For better understanding about "BMR Physical machine to virtual machine restore" process refer below videos :

This Dissimilar System Recovery using BMR requires setup of BMR-BootServer and ShareResourceTree and also user needs to create raw VM instance manually for recovery.

This process is more simplified(automated) in upcoming NB-BMR "Direct VM creation from Backup(P2V)" feature. This feature is available in next NB major release 7.6.

NB-7.6 Beta is already availble, you can try this out.

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