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Percentage Tape Drive Utilization in Opscenter

Created: 15 Mar 2013
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Percent Drive utilization for each library is not available in Opscenter and the heat map report (which does not provide correct information even in Opscenter Case open with Symantec) cannot be exported to Excel file. This would have been helpful in capacity planning i.e. adding more drive in a particular library and rescheduling backups at a time when there is lesser load on tape library.  If Utilization data could be exported in excel file and reports could be generated and presented to higher Mgmt for their level of Understanding.

It would have been nice if Symantec had bought in all the features present in Veritas Backup Reporter (Category:Backup Tape Drive -- Report Type :Historical  Report Data : Percent Tape Drive in Use) . In Opscenter Tape drive in use in only avaiable for Count and Total and NOT Percent tape drive in use.