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Overwrite Protection for Media Sets

Created: 14 May 2013 | 4 comments
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Currently within Backup Exec 2012 there are three Overwrite Protection levels:

  • Full
  • Partial
  • None

However none of these selections will protect your media once its Overwrite Period expires!  Once your Overwrite Period expires for your media, it becomes "Recyclable Media" and can be utilised for any backup operation, regardless if you allocate it to a specific Media Set.  Yes, in a perfect world we should all be able to manage the Overwrite Period, but sometimes backup fail and things get out of sequence.

My request is for an additional Overwrite Protection selection be created that protects media allocated to a Media Set.  This would then protect dedicated media tapes from being overwritten with incorrect data.

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CraigV's picture's called a protection tab on a tape! Use this and nothing will overwrite it.

Otherwise make your OPP in years, not days or weeks.

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Hello CraigV,

I am very disappointed in the type of reponse you have provided, particularly considering you are a TRUSTED ADVISOR!

I found your response belittling and offensive!  I tried to keep may request short as people do not read long winded explanations, and therefore may not have explained myself well enough.

Your response is to treat someone as if they are an idoit!  Do you also tell people to turn their computer on and off again when they have an issue!

If this is a genuine response you tell me this: based on your suggestion, I am to go to my tape library every night before I go home and:

  1. Set the protection tab on the tape that ran the pervious night.  
  2. Unset the protection tab on the tape to run that evening

Wow thats great, why did I waste money on a robotic library!  As for setting the OPP to years, how will that let me back up again next week?

We run dual backups nightly in opposing tape drives in case one drive fails or produces bad writes.  These tapes are allocated to dedicated Media Sets:

  • Monday - TD1
  • Monday - TD2
  • Tuesday - TD1
  • Tuesday - TD2 etc...

On occassions a backup will fail sometimes without reason (no answer from Symantec support) and will leave this tape as overwritable, hence making it "Recyclable".  Even though this tape is not allocated to the next backup, Backup Exec will take this tape.

To rely so heavily on the OPP to protect from data overwrites does not go far enough.  Backup exe provideds the ability to create Media Sets and allows you set that group to full protection, why not protect the tape allocated to the Media Set?

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...but you can now see what you can accomplish when you actually have some more information to put in that actually EXPLAINS what you want to do in your environment? wink

Now it's understandable.


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OK, so let me respond here:

1. Do you actually remove a tape from a library every single evening? I've never done so, but then I made sure that when a tape needed to be removed, it would be removed by the site IT engineer in due course. No mention of me suggesting that.

2. If you have such a short OPP/Append setting, then your settings are wrong, or your idea of protecting tapes is totally incorrect. Again, no mention of me suggesting that.

In a very direct way I've suggested that your OPP on your media set be configured correctly. If you need to protect tapes, set the OPP to infinite (or years which I DID suggest), and remove them from the library AFTER the job runs (ie. the next day) for added protection.

Personal attacks (yours on me!) don't do you any favours, and simply paint you in a bad light (not me). Explaining yourself (as you did in the post above) also makes your argument for your idea a lot stronger. Which is probably why you haven't had much uptake on it yet as nobody knows what it was about (certainly in the original post).

Also, if your tape is in a media set, it is protected by that set's OPP/Append settings...what are you trying to prove here? Are you saying that BE has media set properties but can't protect tapes, in which case every version is flawed and therefore everybody should have isses with tapes not being protected? If this was the case there'd either have been tons of forum queries on this (there aren't) or a fix released from BE for version x.x from 10 years ago (there isn't).

At no stage did you state how long your media should be protected (hence me stating make the OPP in years). If your tapes aren't being returned to scratch, or protected correctly, then I'd suggest (and not to offend you) that you read up on OPP/Append settings. I have included a very good article for you to read up on it.

Backups fail too...sometimes there isn't a reason for it.

Use/don't use the information above, and try not being offended...


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