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Override a job queue hold for selected job.

Created: 17 Apr 2012 | 3 comments
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I've found that, while the job queue is very useful, it's also very problematic in the sense that it has replaced the ability to do a mass hold of jobs manually and quickly without having to pause the entire server, which is a problem when trying to just get a single job to circumvent all other jobs that are currently trying to run.

Here's a real-world situation that I encounter to describe how this is a problem:

In backup exec 2010, our duplicate jobs all ran at 7AM, as they do now in 2012. Sometimes, however, I would need to hold all those jobs so that I could go in, replace some tapes, then come back, run an inventory, scratch all the new media, and THEN resume the jobs on hold. I get into the office at 6:30, so I needed to be able to put all the jobs on hold very quickly, which I accomplished by switching to the "scheduled jobs" filter, selecting them all, and right-clicking then pressing "Hold jobs", easy enough.

Now, in 2012, with this new "Server-Centric" view style, I can't simply filter by scheduled jobs and select them all to hold at once, rather, I would have to go into each individual server (of which we have hundreds), find the job in the tree that was about to run, and put it on hold. This is far too slow to be a viable option. So instead, I have the convenient option of the "Hold Job Queue" button, right? Well, here's the problem. I put the job queue on hold, and I'm now completely unable to unlock the tape drive. Even if I could unlock it and change out the media, I'd then be unable to inventory, and even if I could inventory I'd be unable to sratch the media.

My solution? Implement the ability to right-click a job and override the Job Queue Hold, allowing it to run even in the server paused state.

The only way I've found to do a large hold of specific jobs in this way is to first apply a filter showing only servers with jobs that will run soon, select all those servers, hit the tab to see the details, change to list view, and then select all the jobs in the list created and hold them, which is an incredibly roundabout method to doing a simple task, and makes the "Hold Job Queue" button more of a hinderance than a help. Tell me; In what situation do you need to pause all jobs on the server, while not being able to actually do anything with the server?

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Chase, I'd use BEMCLI command to do it.

An example of holding all scheduled duplicate jobs:
Get-BEJob -status scheduled -jobtype duplicate | Suspend-BEJob

An example od unholding duplicate jobs:
Get-BEJob -status onhold -jobtype duplicate | Resume-BEJob

But the idea of having those commands available from the toolbar is not bad.

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You can also use the BMECLI cmdlets,

Suspend-BEJobQueue - to hold the job queue


Resume-BEJobQueue - to resume the job queue.

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I have a similar issue.  I have some jobs that take a day to run, which backs up the queue.  By the way, before upgrading to 2012 these jobs ran faster.  But anyway, I too would like to find an easy way to hold the job queue or jobs about to run so that I can add tapes, inventory them, then scratch them so that I don't run out of tapes.  This Server-Centris style appears to be geared toward home users and business with 1 or 2 serevers, not us enterprise users.  Will Symantec make Backup Exec's next version more enterprise friendly?

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