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OpsCenter custom report filter logic enhancement

Created: 07 May 2013 | 1 comment
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I have a suggestion on OpsCenter filters when creating a custom report. Say I want to include client names containing “Acme” and “T442”:

There doesn’t appear to be Boolean logic built into the filters. Once I use the initial “Client Name” operator it is greyed out below when Add is chosen. So using “OR” logic seems to be non-existent in this regard (see attachment).

There is Boolean logic available in the filters on the job monitor. It would be nice to have the same when creating a custom report (without using SQL).

There is also no apparent option to use multiple choices in a single line as a workaround, i.e. Acme,T442 or Acme;T442 or "Acme" "T442".

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Did anyone get an answer to this query as I am facing the same issue with having to create two reports instead of one based on different client names.

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