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Nice-to-have: a feature to set a user or group of users to 'leaver' status and archive all of their mail immediately or scheduled.

Created: 18 Aug 2009 • Updated: 24 May 2011 | 8 comments
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Status: On Roadmap

Ladies and Gents,

wouldn't it be nice to have a 'check box' where you could set a ex-employee or ex-contractor, or perhaps any other closed mail-enabled mailboxes that qualify to have all of their mail content archived immediately or at a scheduled time ? A feature to reverse this when mistakes happen or whatever wiould be handy, too !

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HI EV_Novice.

I suggest you the following:

- Change the PW of the User
- Leave the user enabled (!)
- Assign the user to a "leavers" Provisioning Group with 0day archival rules
- Wait until everything is archived
- Disable the user


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There is one problem with that approach that i have run into:
"-Wait until everything is archived"

The problem with that is there is no easy way to check whether a mailbox is fully archived. There are message classes that do not get archived for example.
We have considerable movement of staff, especially at the end of summer when our summer temps are leaving and we want to close their accounts in bulk. Going into every mailbox every few days to check if they´re fully done is more administration than should be necessary. 

Best regards, Iris

Best regards, Iris Landsbankinn

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We have the same issue....we still have to go manually check them. This is a lot of overhead. Also, another problem is that we can't hide them from the Address Lists for Exchange or archiving won't run on them, so they remain in the GAL after someone leaves for awhile.

Anything that can be done to improve this process would be greatly appreciated.

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We are looking into the possibility of providing a leavers policy by default. There are good workarounds in place currently but I can definitely see the value in a default policy.

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