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NetBackup to duplicate images automatically

Created: 29 Jul 2013 • Updated: 30 Dec 2013 | 5 comments
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  Hi all,

One of our BCS customer, is requesting is a feature similar to “TSM Collocation” or “TSM Tape Reclamation”, the idea is that NetBackup automatically duplicates images or fragments from tapes that are nearly empty (For example, with less than the 20% of occupation) to other tapes with the goal of having more empty tapes. It would be desirable if customer could:

  1. Configure an schedule to tell NetBackup when these duplications must be performed

this duplication should be able to duplicate either complete images or just fragments (when the image is bigger than one tape).

B. Configure a threshold to define the minimum occupation on tape that triggers this automatic duplications.

The current Netbackup commands can only work with images but not with fragments.

  In a nutshell:

  Situation: Customer has many tapes half empty

  Solution proposed by customer: NetBackup to duplicate images automatically with the goal of getting more empty images

  Why this request is important? Customer will benefit on having more free tapes reducing costs

  Please let me know if you need any further details, this feature would help customer optimize their huge environment in a simple way, any feedback provided regarding the possibility of including this feature would be appreciated.




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If we could group the fragments of images located on tapes partially filled without having to duplicate the full image backup, we could optimize storage use without compromising performance backup platform.

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This feature really would improve the space optimization.

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Is the customer mixing retentions in the same tape? I think that if you do not mix them there should be no problem.

But if the customer wants to mix them, maybe there could be possible to make several scripts to do that. For example, you can do a script that identify the tapes that have low ussage, put them in a specific volume group and then create a vault job that duplicates tapes from that volume group to a new media and delete the source image after duplicate it to a new one.

But this is only for complete images, if I find a way to duplicate only fragments I will tell you :-)

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If this is a problem either :

1) Stop mixing retentions on your tapes.


2) Only vault full backup tapes in the first place.

The number of available drives a feature like this would require is nuts and is probably unavailable in a reasonably-architectured & tuned environment in the first place. You should be keeping physical tape drives spinning offloading your disk backup images, not doing tape-to-tape migrations.

Heck, do you want to be the one to explain to your boss that the big-important-backup ran out of backup window because the drives were all busy doing tape reclaimation jobs ? Or that you broke your offsite SLA but saved $200 in tape costs ?

"That's not a library in demo mode, it's just TSM doing reclaims."

- "Your backups are only as good as your restores."

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