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Netbackup - Delay Period programmable into SLP

Created: 12 Oct 2011 | 2 comments
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Hello everyone,

There have been several times that I have come across customers who would like to be able to maintain a backup copy X weeks before duplication to another source for a remainder period of time. However, unless I am mistaken, you cannot prevent the duplication in an SLP from occuring right after the backup has completed. This means, unfortunately, that they will consume 2x or more of storage for the backup.

Does anyone have a way to create a delay in an SLP before duplication from a backup or previous duplication? I.E. We want to be able to backup and instantly perform an optimized duplicate from one location to another, but we do not want the duplication from the 2nd device to tape to occur until after X days of remaining on the 2nd device. If there is not a way, this would be an extremely nice feature. I would imagine it to look something like:

Backup (primary OST device)

      Duplicate (secondary OST device)

              Wait (secondary OST device)

                        Duplicate (Secondary Tape drive)

      Duplicate (primary Tape device)


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I would like to be able to set a time on the copes as well.


1st copy immediately or prioritized

2nd copy after delay or perhaps as a lower priority.

Also - add server groups as option for alternate read server!

NetBackup on Solaris 10
EMC Data Domain 990 & 7200 VTL via FC
acsls 8.3.0
SL500 & SL8500 LTO5

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In case you have not seen this feature in 7.6...I wanted to let you know that we have listened to the feedback and have indeed delivered this feature for you.  Take a look at SLP schedules in the 7.6 release.  Thank you for your request!

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