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Need the ability to transparently move Exchange mailboxes from one server to another

Created: 02 Jul 2012 • Updated: 14 Nov 2014
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NOTE:  This idea is being created on behalf of a customer.


My company uses Clearwell to index live data from Microsoft Exchange Servers (using PAR functionality, not Collections module).  My company is large and we have many different Exchange Servers at various locations.  At times our IT department has to move a user's mailbox from one Exchange server to another (say for a relocation or capacity issue).


Once a Clearwell mailbox has been indexed, it cannot be easily moved.  If you try to retrieve data (say to review, print, or export email data) from a mailbox who's server changed, you get a retrieval error because Clearwell is looking to find it from the original location that it was indexed from.

The only workarounds are to either re-process the mailbox (which now exists on a different server) or export the mailbox to a PST and process it.  Both of these options are not palatable since it is more work and adds to consumed license capacity.

Please create functionality to handle this type of change.