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multiple route options for IP and IPMultiNICA/B resources

Created: 29 Jan 2014 • Updated: 16 May 2014 | 1 comment
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when an IP is up as a resource type IP, IPMultiNICA/B, there are times we want to set multiple static routes to it.

currently there is a RouteOptions(solaris), IPRouteOptions(linux) not sure about other OSs

why would i need this? for example, you have a VIP a service group which is configured in the firewall allowing outgoing connections to other external hosts.

you want make os to use a certain source IP to make connections to these target hosts.

thus you would want multiple route options. not just 1 single static route.

In additions, although the goal is to remove the route before unconfiguring the IP when the IPMultiNICB resource goes offline.

some type of routes are a bit tricky.

for example on solaris, to setup a static route to tell os whenever it tries to make an outgoing connection to $ext_host it should use $ip instead of the default one. 

         route add -host $ext_host $gateway -netmask -setsrc $ip

to remoev the route, the command becomes

         route delete -host $ext_host $gateway -netmask 

because of the missing "-setsrc $ip" in the remove command, hares -offline fails to remove the static route when offlining the IPMultiNICB resource.  This issue would occurs in other OSs as well. maybe have a RemoveRouteOptions argment as well would resolve the issue.

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Hi IdaWong,

We do allow customers to utilize triggers to do some advanced functionality.  There is the postonline and preoffline triggers that could run scripts to properly set route after the IP SG comes online and before it goes offline, those routes can be removed.

Also there is a resstatechange trigger or resrestart trigger that both can be used to determine if the IP resources get restarted to reapply the routing info.

If this is a major issue for you, please let me know and we can work on other potential long-term fixes within the product.


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