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Legal Hold Module - Notice to System Administrators and Custodians

Created: 03 Dec 2013 • Updated: 14 Nov 2014
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Status: In Review

I have begun using the Legal Hold Module of the Clearwell eDiscovery Platform. Based upon my initial experience, I believe it would be beneficial to modify the application to allow a single Legal Hold notice to be sent to the System Administrators (e.g. Exchange, network shares, ERP, etc.) and custodians to hold with a cc to additional stakeholders such as inhouse and outside counsel for initial notices, custodians who are added as they are identified beyond the initial custodian list and then any reminder notices so everyone is on the same page as far as communications go. In particular, it would be beneficial to be able to send notices to only new custodians to hold, along with system administrators and cc's as additions to the original legal hold notice rather than creating a second legal hold notice as is required as the application is currently configured. This creates the need to send multiple notices for both initial notices and reminder notices and the work is not only redundant but is ripe for missing all of the folks who should be notified at each step along the process. If this request is not clear as I know it is different from how the system works today, please contact me at your convenience and I will demonstrate what I am requesting. Thank you for considering my request for a future release.