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Created: 19 Nov 2012
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In my portuguese company we prefer to have the software installed in english, of course we have the OS regional settings for Portugal with portuguese keyboard and so on but, because we are used to it and the usual quality of the translations we have everything installed in english.

In Backup Exec, we have things like this on the Backup Properties Window:

FULL Backup Schedule - "Every one week on (sábado) at 4:00" instead of "Every one week on saturday at 4:00"

Incremental Backup Schedule - "At 5:30, then every 1 day" instead of "At 17:30, then every one day"

Now, because we have a considerable quantity of jobs and systems, it happens sometimes to open a job setting just to confirm the AM/PM thing, witch, besides of the unnecessary loss of time just to check this, apparently makes BE assume that we changed the job and generates a warning of an incremental without the linked full.

Why not keep it simple and make 17.30H be 17.30H