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Job activity report errors confusion

Created: 23 Jan 2013
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Dear Symantec,

I’m bit confused with the current job activity/completion reports.

My biggest concern is the red cross when the job has completed, the red cross in this instance is absolutely unnecessary as the job has completed successfully, what I mean by successful you ask?

Successful to me means that all the files that I selected had in fact been backed up.

Well, according to Symantec the job has not been successful because it had problems with a snapshot.  To me this still is a success full job, just that it’s not backed up using one of the technologies that I selected, I think it should still merit a green tick, perhaps instead of green tick make it green exclamation mark or a simply let me know in the logs .
The job log summary windows show the following.

Parentage completed 0% -Huh? If the percentage completed is zero then why is it showing elapsed time of 9hr’s and byte count of 2,478GB and job rate at 7,083.26MB/min, and the files on the tape?

The biggest gripe I hear from people that I know that use BE is the wall of red and yellow but never green. I would urge you to perhaps review what in fact constitutes a successful job and what not.

Another observation is the linking of previous backup jobs, and throwing an exception window in the logs. Totally un-necessary.

  • Resource \\Server name \V: was not found in the previous instance of this job. It will be fully protected in this job.
  • The backup options or selections for this job have changed since the last time it ran.

If the backup is set as a full back up or changed to a full backup i.e... Including all files, then why the exception?  A full backup means that this is now the master backup copy and it over rights all others. Why would this job give a flying cow what was backed previously?

FYI, in most cases the first job that runs on the server is always green; it’s the subsequent jobs that always come red or yellow Why? If it hadn’t had a problem on the first instance of the job why is it suddenly developing a hernia? I suspect it’s something to do with subsequent job linking to the original first instance of the job.

And please bring back the duplicate to disk and tape to tape copy functions as you had in 2010 Ver.

Looking forward to the new version of BE.