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Introduce SLP Auditing

Created: 12 Mar 2013 • Updated: 12 Mar 2013
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      I have found that even on Netbackup 7.5 there is still no auditing for any SLP modification which is a big deal for some customers because in many cases we have face that a single SLP modification translates in to TB's of backlogs that are the most painfull problems in the modern backup world, because of this i will like to suggest to introduce SLP Auditing in to the Netbackup Audit Manger (nbaudit) and start to capture any of this changes at NBU and OpsCenter levels, it will not only be great for out customers to be able to catch this type of modifications it will also help Symantec Support to track changes and rollthem back in order to provide a faster solution to any backog problem.

Any questions please let me know.