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Installation and Licensing wizard should not prompt to install products when merely adding renewal S/N

Created: 07 Mar 2013 | 1 comment
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The Installation and Licensing wizard has a usabiity issue becuase it mixes licenses and support contracts, and one of the dialogs creates confusion when all you're doing is updating support contracts.  

I recently renewed a support contract and went in to BE2012 to add the maintenance serial number.

This is done through the same Installation and Licensing wizard that is used for installing products.

The first dialog prompts you to enter serial numbers.  Any serial numbers you enter at this point have an "unverified" status and you have to click Next to verify them.

When you click Next, you're actually done, but Backup Exec makes no acknowledgement of that.  Instead, the next dialog prompts you to install products.

But at this point, all you've done is update the license list. There aren't any changes pending.

If you've only entered maintenance serial numbers. there's nothing to install.   But if you went just from the dialog, you'd think it was necessary to click through the dialogs, or check products to keep them enabled or or uncheck products to keep them from being reinstalled. 

You don't want to do any of that. Instead click "Cancel". But "Cancel" implies you're interrupting something in the middle, which the dire "Are you sure you want to cancel" dialog reinforces.

But you really want to Cancel at this point. If you go in to "view maintenance contract information" afterwards, you'll see your support contract updated in the list.

The fix could be as simple as changing the label of this post-verification dialog from "Cancel" to "Don't install anything".  

But ideally it would be nice if BE did some comparison between the licenses and the installed products, and put a label next to each product check box indicating the product status or effect of changing the check box's value.

You could even separate the Licensing part of the wizard from the Installation part.  At the end of the Licensing "wizard", BE could check if there were uninstalled licensed products and ask the user if they wanted to start the Installation wizard or the agent push-installer.

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Thank you for your post.  This was a helpful tip.  I agree, that hitting Cancel when renewing licenses is a weird thing to do.  Symantec needs to update their interface for renewal license management.  Reinstallation should not occur.

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