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Indexes saying NORMAL but are in fact WRONG.

Created: 17 Dec 2012 • Updated: 26 Feb 2013 | 2 comments
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Hi, we just had an instance of a user saying that when they did a search it didn't seem like there was all their mail to search on. Upon checking, we found their index saying NORMAL and the user having 1200 items.  We did a rebuild just in case and the index jumped up to 320891 items.. a HUGE difference.

I logged a call and a SQL script was created to compare the ARCHIVEDITEMS and the INDEXEDITEMS and any differences were flagged. 316 (out of 1871) mailboxes came back as WRONG. 16 of those were already rebuilding, 173 of them had less than 10 items difference, then there was some file archives and some ex staff. final number - 64 MAILBOX ARCHIVES of live current users who archives were INCORRECT.

We do a lot of searches for LEGAL issues and this is worrying. As a company we could be charged with providing not all the information, or hiding the information and we didn't even realise it.

I think the "check" that the index server does to see if the index has failed or needs rebuilding, should include a check to ensure that the values for ARCHIVEDITEMS and the INDEXEDITEMS match and report on that.

I believe by NOT checking this, it is opening us up for incomplete searches and affecting the users.

This should be added in asap, or atleast provide us the ability to run this report and have it output the correct data to assist us in fixing it.

I, like others, naturally assumed that when the index server said the index was NORMAL that it was in fact correct and normal, but apparently there are exceptions.

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Something like that you should push through support as a bug, not an enhancement request

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If your using EV 9, I'd recommend upgrading to EV 10... EV's indexing management was improved no-end with our move to 64-Bit. If your using EV 10... please mail me.


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